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One CEO's 81 pound weight loss using glucose monitoring (Betsy McLaughlin & Casey Means)
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How It Works

Levels shows you how food and other activites affect your blood glucose levels so you can see what's working for you, and how to reach your goals. Get to know your body in 3 easy steps.

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After receiving your sensor, download the Levels app to connect it and get real-time glucose data.
Log food and lifestyle to track your glucose
Track your food and physical activities to receive tailored advice on glucose management and overall health.
Compare results over time to meet your goals
Track daily activities to manage glucose levels, identify trends, and meet your health goals.

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Simple Collection Process

Complete bloodwork at a nearby Labcorp location; visits typically take under 20 minutes. Locate your nearest lab here.

Measure What Matters

Measure key markers to gain insight into cardiovascular health (ApoB, Triglycerides), insulin resistance (Fasting Insulin), metabolic health (Uric Acid), and glucose levels (HbA1c).

Insights in the Levels App

Results appear in the Levels app with personalized, actionable guidance on what the results mean and how to improve them. Schedule additional tests anytime.

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